Image Processing

Image Processing Our founder, Dr. Thompson, is the author of the Image Processing Toolbox for MATLAB and we use his expertise to help you with image manipulation, recognition, detection and classification. Both classical image processing methods as well as modern deep convolutional neural networks can be used.

We have worked on many projects that have image processing as one of their major parts. We are familiar with many image processing algorithms since Dr. Thompson created the MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox. We user our expert knowledge with clients to create solutions. Some of the examples problems we have worked on are:

  • image enhancement (image transforms to improve colors, edge detection, interpretability, preprocessing)
  • image segmentation (finding, labeling and isolating objects in an image)
  • image denoising
  • image classification (biomedical)
  • image understanding (optical flow, tracking objects, object detection, quality control)
  • morphological operations (erosion, dilation, closure, connected components)

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