Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI We have been using machine learning and AI algorithms to solve our client problems for almost a decade. We can help you leverage the latest techniques and algorithms, create a custom machine learning framework, design custom features, or analyze and train your algorithm.

Since about 2011, most of our projects have some type of machine learning component. We have experience creating, training and testing machine learning models for both classification and regression.

In fact, two of our most recent projects involved creating classification models for biomedical applications. Both of them leveraged classical and modern image processing techniques and used custom machine learning frameworks that we developed.

The kinds of machine learning and AI techniques we are familiar with are:

  • Regression (for curve fitting, parametric optimization, calibration)
  • Classification (via Support Vector Machines, Random Forests, and Neural Networks including Deep Neural Networks DNN and Convolutional Neural Networks CNN)
  • Genetic Algorithms (as a search strategy)
  • Reinforcement Learning

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