Expert MATLAB Consulting

Expert MATLAB ConsultingWe use MATLAB to help you solve your problems and help you create innovative products and algorithms. We typically create technology and algorithms that achieve your goals. It is common for us to create custom software for you as part of this effort. We have experience creating MATLAB GUIs as well as applications that run on desktop computers.

Dr. Clay M. Thompson is one of the world’s foremost MATLAB programmers. He knows MATLAB inside and out, and specializes in using MATLAB to develop cost-effective, custom, proprietary applications for our clients.

Dr. Thompson worked at The MathWorks, Inc. (the makers of MATLAB) for 9 years developing toolboxes and writing m-files. He was the chief language designer for MATLAB 5.0 (the version of MATLAB that introduced multi-dimensional arrays, cell arrays, and MATLAB objects). In 1999, he left The MathWorks and began providing MATLAB consulting services.

Over the years, Dr. Thompson has written thousands of m-files and MEX files. If you use MATLAB, you have probably used many of the m- and mex-files he created. He is the author of the Image Processing Toolbox and a co-author of the Control Toolbox as well as many of the functions in the MATLAB toolbox itself. His intimate knowledge of MATLAB allows him to produce optimized m-files that run very fast.

For general descriptions of types of solutions we have created for our clients, see the Case Studies page.

We provide the following types of services:

Custom Software Development

  • Create a custom, proprietary application for you using MATLAB
  • Create MATLAB GUI’s so you can visually interact with your data
  • Deploy MATLAB algorithms outside of MATLAB
  • Port your MATLAB code to C/C++

M-File Performance Optimization

  • Optimize your m-files so that they run faster and use less memory.
  • Create or update m-files to handle large data sets

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Analyze data to extract information, find trends and patterns
  • Create specialized graphs and plots using Handle Graphics
  • Algorithm development
  • Create simulation models from equations or empirical data
  • Apply numerical optimization algorithms to solve problems

Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks

  • Create classification and regression models using Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Neural Networks and tensorflow
  • Create image recognition and classification algorithms
  • Design specialized classification features
  • Adapt existing DNN architectures for application to novel situations

M-file Programming

  • Develop or implement an algorithm in MATLAB
  • Create special data import functions to read your data formats
  • Create specialized graphs and plots using Handle Graphics
  • Create a special MATLAB-based toolbox for your solution

Advice and training

  • Help you use MATLAB and MATLAB toolboxes more productively
  • Help you solve problems using MATLAB
  • Debug m-files that are not working properly

Our goal is to solve your problems or make you more productive using MATLAB. We can consult with you on how to use MATLAB more effectively, or we can develop and implement custom solutions for you. Either way, we help you get the most out of MATLAB.

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