M-file speed-up results

M-File Performance Optimization

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M-file speed-up resultsMATLAB m-file optimization is one of our most popular services. We offer a risk-free guarantee of at least a 200% performance improvement.

Our principal, Dr. Clay Thompson, has been optimizing m-files for years, often achieving a speed improvement for a collection of m-files of 400% or more. In some cases, we have even increased performance by 4000%!

There are a few requirements. If your problem fits those requirements, just contact us and let us know you want to take advantage of the performance optimization service. If your problem is too big, uses other toolboxes or doesn’t meet the requirements below, then contact us for a no-obligation estimate.


  • Top Level Script. You must provide a script that calls the m-files with test data. We will use this test data and script to verify that our changes to speed up your m-files did not change the results within acceptable tolerances. Your script should run in a reasonable amount of time (between 5 and 20 minutes) but can contain as many test cases as you require.
  • Description. You must provide a description of what your m-files are trying to accomplish.
  • Self-Contained. The m-files you submit must be self contained in that they can only rely on MATLAB and our supported MathWorks’ Toolboxes. If your m-files rely on a non-supported MathWorks’ Toolbox, there will be an additional fee for each unsupported toolbox so we can get a license to those toolboxes.
  • Not too big. The total number of lines of code within all the m-files you submit must be less than 250.

Supported MATLAB Toolboxes

  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Financial Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Control Toolbox

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